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Rise and Fall of Citizenship Education in Spain. The Trap of the Liberal Minimalist Approach

Guest lecture by Dr. Joaquin Valdivielso Navarro, profesor titular, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, España.

04.03.2019 | Lise Wendelboe

Dato ons 20 mar
Tid 15:00 17:00
Sted Lokale D165, DPU, Aarhus Universitet, Campus Emdrup, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 København NV

The last decades, the debate around the reform of the Spanish educational system has been focused on the ‘Education for Citizenship’. As a school subject, it was introduced in 2006, cancelled in 2013 and eliminated from the curricula in 2016. The cancelation was a result of Catholic attacks based on the perception that this type of subject serves the purpose of ideological indoctrination. The conflictual process reflects how conservative, liberal, republican and socialist approaches to civic education have been fighting to settle a common normative ground of education and to establish a basic consensus on democratic ideas. Philosophy has been at the centre of attention in the process, since ‘Education for Citizenship’ was in general taught by philosophy graduates. Nowadays progressive parties plan to restore the subject within the frame of a neutralist, minimalist liberal approach. Still, is a normatively thin Citizenship Education consistent with democracy?





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