Study intensity and the new ideal student?

A CHEF panel discussion between three parties with expertise in the Danish higher education system: The policy level, represented by Jens Storm from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the institutional level, represented by experts on teaching and learning in higher education Lars Ulriksen and Ane Quortrup and the students, represented by spokeswoman from the Danish Student Confederation, Sana Doost.

04.01.2018 | SØREN S. E. BENGTSEN

Dato tor 12 apr
Tid 15:00 17:00
Sted Danish School of Education, Campus Emdrup, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen NV, building D, room D170.

Recent research has identified a conflict between demands that students complete their studies within a fixed timescale and that they engage in independent learning (Sarauw and Madsen, 2016; DM, 2017; Ulriksen, 2014, 2016).

The purpose of this seminar is to explore this conflict in relation to the concept of study intensity that was added to the Danish universities’ development contracts with the Ministry of Higher Education for 2015-2017.

Speakers and members of the expert panel:

  • Jens Storm, Ministry of Higher Education and Science
  • Lars Ulriksen, University of Copenhagen
  • Ane Qvortrup, University of Southern Denmark
  • Sana M. Doost, the Danish Student Confederation (Danske Studerendes Fællesråd)

The panel discussion is hosted by Laura Louise Sarauw and Søren S. E. Bengtsen, Aarhus University.

The discussion ends at 17.00 and it is followed by an informal wine reception. The entire event finishes at 17.30.  

Arranged by the Center for Higher Education Futures (CHEF), Aarhus University.


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