CHEF seminar: Internationalisation of Higher Education: Denmark, China and soft power

11.08.2017 | Susan Wright

Dato tir 03 okt
Tid 10:30 16:00
Sted DPU Campus Emdrup, Tuborgvej 154, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Room D118

The aim of this seminar is to discuss strategies for internationalisation of higher education in Denmark and China. Under focus will be experiences of current collaborations (the Sino-Danish Centre and student exchange programmes) and future developments, notably joint campuses along the new silk road (One Belt, One Road initiative).

The seminar will consider these current and future initiatives in the context of Danish and Chinese strategies to position themselves in a changing global order, extending from pedagogy and ideas of the formation of the future workers and citizens to international relations and soft power.

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