Danish School of Education (DPU)

DPU constitutes Denmark's largest and strongest university environment for
basic and applied research within the field of education and educational theory.

The school offers a number of postgraduate programmes within
the fields of preschool, compulsory schooling and lifelong learning.


Wed 15 Aug
00:00-00:00 | In Aarhus
International Conference on Motivation (ICM) 2018
The conference is jointly organized by EARLI SIG 8 and Aarhus University.
Mon 27 Aug
13:00-15:00 | D120 (Emdrup) and 1483-616 (Nobel - videolink)
Information from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Culture and Communication at DPU
Head of the Research Council for Culture and Communication, Dorthe Gert Simonsen, visits DPU and inform about the next round for applications to the council with deadline October 5th.