Danish School of Education (DPU)

DPU constitutes Denmark's largest and strongest university environment for
basic and applied research within the field of education and educational theory.

The school offers a number of postgraduate programmes within
the fields of preschool, compulsory schooling and lifelong learning.


Mon 06 Nov
00:00-00:00 | Aarhus University (Campus Aarhus)
The Purpose of the Future University
Philosophy of Higher Education Conference November 6th-8th, 2017.
Thu 16 Nov
12:00-13:00 | DPU Campus Emdrup, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Room D118, video link to Campus Aarhus, Nobelparken, building 1483, room 656
CHEF lunchtime talk: The idea of the university – in a marginal perspective
Speaker: Asger Sørensen, Associate Professor, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University