Department of Educational Anthropology

About the department

The study of educational anthropology focuses on social and cultural processes, of change and continuity in wide a range of formal and informal educational contexts throughout the world.

It is the critical, comparative and ethnographic study of educational issues and policies, of pedagogical concern, and learning processes in specific sociocultural contexts. 

These vary widely, ranging from classic pedagogical and educational institutions, such as day-care, schools, colleges and universities, to religious institutions, voluntary associations, welfare interventions, families, local and international businesses and various other kinds of social collectivities.

The Department of Educational Anthropology offers two two-year Master’s programs: a Danish-language program in Educational Anthropology and an English-language program in The Anthropology of Education and Globalization.

Scientific staff

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Acharya, RajeshwarPhD
Adriansen, Hanne KirstineAssociate, 256
Bach, DilAssociate, 259a
Brandt, AndreasPhD, 531
Christensen, Kira SaabyePhD
Clemensen, NanaAssociate, 285
Dannesboe, Karen IdaAssistant, 421
Elbæk, IdaPhD
Esbensen, Gertrud LyngeResearch, 116
Gao,, 229
Ghandchi, NargesPhD, 268
Gilliam, LauraAssociate, 288
Gregersen, Martin TreumerPhD, 431
Gulløv, EvaProfessor with Special, 293
Hasse,, 110
Holm, LarsAssociate, 290
Jöhncke, SteffenVisiting, 142
Jørgensen, Anne HovgaardPhD, 124
Kalkan, HakanResearch, 268
Kirk, Jeanette, 115
Kjær, BjørgAssociate, 275
Krause-Jensen, JakobAssociate, 522
Kristensen, Steffen BeringPhD, 531
Larsen, Birgitte RommeAssociate, 285
Mangor, IdaPhD, 267
Mogensen, Naja DahlstrupPhD
Nielsen, Gritt B.Associate, 261
Niraula, AshikaPhD
Nissen, Stine KarenPhD
Olesen, JesperAssociate, 214
Rasmussen, Jon, 264
Reimer, WienkeResearch
Anderson, SallyAssociate, 279
Shore, CrispinVisiting, 286
Slingerland, RiannePhD, 531
Sorenson, JessicaResearch, 111
Ulrik Andreasen, LisePhD, 268
Valentin, KarenAssociate, 281
Wallace, JamieAssociate, 114
Winther, Ida WentzelAssociate, 266
Wright,, 260


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