2015.09.28 |

Claus Holm to lead the Danish School of Education

Following an appointment process directed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, it has been decided to appoint Claus Holm to the position of Head of the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University.

2014.04.25 |

Guidiance for marginalised young people: Australia and Denmark can learn from each other

A Danish and an Australian researcher share an interest in and concern for young people who don’t fit into the traditional education system. They both have the same mission: making the youth education system in their home countries more flexible, and providing young people with sound and well-structured educational guidance.

2013.12.16 |

AU researcher wins award for training maths teachers

An Australian AU researcher has just received an award for a research project that focuses on the interplay between theory and practice when training mathematics teachers.

2013.09.26 |

Innovative AU Researcher wins 2013 Guidance Award

Associate Professor Rie Thomsen from Aarhus University has won this year’s DKK 25,000 Guidance Award. Rie Thomsen’s research field is “guidance in communities”. Her communication skills have inspired guidance practitioners all over the country, thereby influencing and innovating education and career guidance in Denmark.

2013.08.28 |

How do you teach students to participate in sustainable development?

For the first time ever, a Danish university is offering teaching that addresses the educational challenges related to sustainable development.

2013.03.04 |

Letter threat against university buildings at Taasingegade was a false alarm

The letter threat against buildings at Taasingagade was a false alarm. This is the conclusion reached by East Jutland Police after searching the entire area and the buildings.

2012.11.02 |

New global project on university reforms

Aarhus University will be heading a global education network for PhD students to compare and rethink university reforms in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The young research talents will all be working on an international research project which recently received a DKK 31.6 million grant by the EU.

2012.06.12 |

The Nordic model for lifelong learning: a solution to the crisis

Last week, Aarhus University hosted the international conference 'Learning Unlimited'. Participating Asian and European researchers in the field of education discussed the potential of the Nordic model for lifelong learning as a strategy for bringing societies through times of crisis.