Claus Holm to lead the Danish School of Education

Following an appointment process directed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, it has been decided to appoint Claus Holm to the position of Head of the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University.

2015.09.28 | Carsten Henriksen

Claus Holm

Dean Johnny Laursen is very pleased that the organisational and managerial structure of the school has now been finalised:

“I’m delighted to announce, on behalf of a unanimous appointment committee, that we have offered Claus Holm the position of Head of the School of Education. He is extremely well qualified for the job. Claus was appointed acting head at a difficult time, when the organisation was changing a great deal. Despite the difficulties he has managed to establish a good sense of teamwork at the school, as well as providing constructive input to the faculty as a whole, thereby benefiting the school and faculty alike. I look forward to continuing our partnership.”

The school has two campuses: Emdrup in Copenhagen, and Aarhus. It is a national focal point in the field of education and research in pedagogics and learning, and plays an important role as a research-based knowledge resource for the Danish education sector. Laursen adds:

“The positive development of the School of Education is important for Danish society as a whole. The school is an important centre of knowledge not just for the development of Denmark as a strong knowledge society, but also for the frameworks defining the free development and education of each individual Dane. This is also why I’m so pleased that the school’s management and organisation have now been settled. Claus knows and respects the history of the School of Education, but he also understands the tasks and development opportunities that lie ahead.”

Until now he has been an associate professor at the school, and acting head of the school since 1 November 2014. He is 49 years old, and has a Master’s degree in social science and philosophy. He used to be vice-dean for communication at DPU, which was the Danish name of the School of Education before it became part of the Faculty of Arts. Holm takes up his new position on 1 October 2015.

“I feel very privileged to have this chance to lead the School of Education at Aarhus University. It’s quite simply a daily pleasure for me to work at an organisation which is so highly focused on intensifying its international research profile, strengthening its degree programmes for the students, and identifying new research initiatives.”

For Holm this is a dream job. He explains:  

“After all, I’m surrounded by the huge sense of enthusiasm that characterises research and education at the school. And this isn’t just a place full of staff and students who are committed to the field of education. Politicians, professional educators and practitioners are also deeply involved in how our work can benefit society. I have great respect for the enthusiasm and interaction demonstrated by these stakeholders, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to influence what goes on in this field.” 


Johnny Laursen, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University

Claus Holm, Head of the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University