Leadership And Innovation In Complex Systems

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for study start in September 2018

DEADLINE: 1 May 2018
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LAICS annual SUMMIT // 31 May 2018 // Copenhagen

The LAICS Summit is an annual event for LAICS alumni, students, prospective students and faculty.  The theme of the day is Responsible INNOVATION – with Professor Richard Owen. Innovation is about creating new forms of economic and social value from ideas. But innovation, and knowledge leading to this, not only creates value. They have the power to create futures, in complex and sometimes profound but uncertain ways: from artificial intelligence and the future world of work, to robotics, gene editing and planetary climate engineering.

We will explore together four critical questions.  What kind of future do we want innovation to create? How can we engage meaningfully as a society with those futures-in-the-making and their inevitable uncertainties? How can we collectively take responsibility for those futures? And what does that mean for how we configure and govern innovation systems?

The workshop will be interactive, with case studies, games and group exercises to complement the lectures.

Contact HBO@AU.DK  for further information.

LAICS alumni at World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai

"Steal with Pride" was the Danish message that initiated conversations with leaders from around the world at The Edge of Government Exhibition in Dubai 12-14 February.

LAICS alumni Majken Præstbro, Head of Relations at the Center for Public Innovation, and Helle Vibeke Carstensen, Head of Organisational Development at Copenhagen Municipality, represented SPREADING INNOVATION - a guide and dialogue tool - developed by the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation to help public sector workplaces share their own innovations and reuse others. The guide is relevant for anyone who wants to collaborate on spreading an innovation from one context to another.

The Spreading Innovation Guide was 1 of 12 cases on public innovation which was selected by OECD to participate at the exhibition. Read more at http://coi.dk/en/about-coi/spreading-innovation/


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Berlingskes tillæg Innovation & Forretningsudvikling
- 1612-16

Bliv Master i "Umulige" organisationer

Article in business.dk/innovation  - 1612-16

5 gode bud på innovative uddannelser

Article in business.dk/innovation - 1612-16

New LAICS Publication

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Innovation Diamond Learning Game

                                               - read more at www.innovationsdiamantspillet.dk

Quick Facts

Study Start:   September (modules 1 and 3)
:        1 May

Study Start:   February (modules 2 and 4)
        extended to 20 January

Tuition:           Dkr 44.000 per module                   

Other costs
:   Dkr 25.000 (+VAT) per module
                             (Modules 1, 2, 3)
                            Dkr 7.000 (+VAT)
                              (Module 4)

               Available in March/September

Entry Requirements

  • Graduate diploma or Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • At least 2 years of relevant professional experience
  • Documented English language proficiency corresponding to A-level (gymnasium)


Hilde Bollen,
Programme Coordinator
T. +45 87 15 18 17
E-mail: HBO@au.dk