Module 2

The Business of Innovation

In this module of the LAICS Programme we focus on what it takes to make innovation happen from a business, communication and power perspective. We look at the challenge of developing the business plan and how to take it through the organisation to implementation. We practise how to navigate with internal and external stakeholders. Finally we work with how the physical and mental environment relates to succeeding with innovation.


This module introduces analytical tools, models and approaches enabling the students to turn innovation into business. The module provides knowledge on complexity theory, diversity, communication and discursive power processes. It examines the impact of mental space and physical environment on creativity, innovation and leadership.


Upon completion of Module 2 the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate ability to apply theories and models from the module in the analysis of empirical issues using own examples or cases.
  • analyse and discuss complexity theories in organisations.
  • communicate the findings from a theoretically informed analysis of innovation challenges.


  • New business models and strategies for innovation.
  • Theories of complexity, diversity, power and communication. 
  • Physical and mental spaces for innovation.
  • Prototypes and roadmaps of innovation process.

Susanne Justesen (M2 leader)
Daniel Hjorth
Bettina von Stamm
Mikkel Flyverbom
Karen Norman
Lotte Darsø
Ariane Berthoin Antal
Peter Coughlan

The module content, format and dates may be subject to change.

Quick Facts

Spring 2018

SEMINAR 1: The Practice of Innovative Business Development.
Dates: 31 Jan - 3 Feb
Location: Havreholm Slot (Hornbæk, DK)

SEMINAR 2: Complexity, Communication, Diversity and Innovation.
Dates: 28 Feb - 3 Mar
Location: Egelund Slot  (Fredensborg, DK) 

SEMINAR 3: Mental and Physical Space for Innovation.
Dates: 10-13 April  
Location: Hotel Amano (Berlin, Germany)

*Module 2 is only offered during the Spring semester