Module 3

Leading Innovation in a Global Environment

Today’s world being global and local at the same time gives rise to new types of challenges. Both private and public organisations need to create innovative ways forward to identify leadership approaches that open new possibilities instead of closing them. New partnerships, new constellations and new technologies make social innovation more important than ever. What can organisations learn from individuals and organisations working globally and at the front edge?


This module focuses on leadership, from identifying personal leadership styles and guiding principles to examining the kind of leadership needed in an organisational and global context. It examines how global trends influence innovation and presents analytical and practical tools that deal with global as well as local innovation opportunities and challenges. The module includes designing and facilitating sessions for creating innovation and user and customer interaction.


Upon completion of Module 3 the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate ability to apply theories and models from the module in the analysis of empirical issues using own examples or cases.
  • explain and compare the different theories and models from the module and discuss their strengths and weaknesses and applicability on selected example cases.
  • facilitate conversations and meetings for enhancing innovative output from colleagues, networks and customers.
  • analyse and discuss global trends in relation to leading innovation.
  • demonstrate knowledge of and ability to analyse processes that lead to leadership and innovation.


  • Theories on leadership styles and leadership principles and reflection on own leadership.
  • Global trends that influence opportunities for innovation in organisations.
  • Public Innovation and design for policy making
  • Theories and approaches to user-driven innovation.
  • Methods for designing and facilitating different types of meetings. 

Hanne Kirstine Adriansen (M3 leader)
Lotte Darsø
Steen Hildebrandt
Nancy Adler
Jamie Wallace
Jacob Buur
Marie Aakjær
Christian Bason

Colin Funk
Ed Bamiling
Ronna Schneberger
Ole Qvist Sørensen
Thomas Eisenhardt


The module content, format and dates may be subject to change.

Seminar dates & locations

Autumn 2018 (provisional dates)

Leading Authentically in a Global Culture. 

Dates:  5-8 Sept

Location: The Banff Centre (Banff, Canada)


SEMINAR 2: Local ideas for Global Challenges.

Dates: 8-11 October  

Loaction: Havreholm Slot (Hornbæk, DK)


SEMINAR 3: Leading Relations and Participation.

Dates: 14-17 November

Location: Højstrupgaard (Helsingør, DK)

* Module 3 is only offered during Autumn semester