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Entry Requirements

Criteria for admissions to LAICS are as follows:

  • A Bachelor’s degree, Professional Bachelor’s degree or Diploma Degree or equivalent. Applicants with a non-qualifying academic background (or an unaccredited academic background) will be evaluated on an individual basis.

    International applicants must provide a copy of their qualifying degree AND an authorised translation of their qualifying degree.  Further information can be found at ufm.dk/en/education-and-institutions/recognition-and-transparency/recognition-guide
  • Minimum two years of relevant, professional (post-university), full-time employment.
  • Applicants must submit evidence of English language proficiency corresponding to A-level from gymnasium (or equivalent within EU/EEA). B-level will be considered for dispensation.

    Danish residents who cannot document English proficiency should apply for an individual competency assessment from VUC www.vuc.dk (Adult Education Centre).  Please note that it can take up to 1 month for VUC to process your competency assessment so remember to book a time as soon as possible. You will be conditionally accepted to LAICS if you submit a statement from VUC confirming your registration for assessment + projected result date. However - the result date cannot be later than semester start.

    International applicants are advised to read the AU guidelines re. English language requirements - for further info click here and follow link to English Language Requirements.

  • DPU may admit applicants who do not fulfil the requirements, but who are deemed to have a relevant and equivalent educational background. Such cases will be considered on an individual basis. Minimum two years of relevant professional experience is mandatory.


Hilde Bollen,
Programme Coordinator
T. +45 87 15 18 17
E-mail: HBO@au.dk