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Alternative ways of financing your LAICS Master

Tax Relief for companies

If your company is willing to pay for your continuing education then these costs might be tax-deductible for your company.  Read more at www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx  or search on the SKAT pages skat.dk  (Danish only)




Gross salary agreement

If you are of Danish nationality (or employed in Denmark), you can explore the option of financing your LAICS Master via the gross salary agreement (“bruttolønsordning”, ”lønomlægning” or “fleksibel lønpakke”).

With this scheme, the cost of tuition will come out of your gross salary – before taxes. It is, however, worth noting that the Danish Tax Authorities need to approve the agreement, which could take up to three months.

More information on the gross salary agreement can be found on the Danish Tax Authorities’ homepage (in Danish only): Click to read information about the gross salary agreement and the juristictional guidelines.

Competence Development Funds

Companies and organisations and their employees can apply for support for continuing education - if competence development funds are comprised within the collective agreement. 

There are central funds which cover a wide spectrum of sectors and areas and other funds which are more specific to a particular sector. 

KONVENTUMS website gives a good overview of the various funds. Read more here. (Danish only)

Otherwise you can find information at homepage of the Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector or the Municipal Competence Development Fund  (in Danish).


There are a number of scholarships that can be sought in connection with the need for continuing education. Below is a list of websites that provide an overview of scholarships:

Study life, economics and work. Focus on life as a student



Please note that scholarships may be taxable.

Job rotation scheme

Another option is the job rotation scheme (“Jobrotationsordningen”), which enables public and private sector organisations to seek support from the local job centre to hire an unemployed person as substitute for an employee during a short or long period of upskilling or competence development. Find further information at the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment here (in Danish).

Contact your local job centre for further information.




LAICS modules as part of a Flexible Master

If securing finance for your LAICS Master is a challenge then a more economical alternative could be to apply for the Flexible Master offered by the Danish School of Education, DPU, at Aarhus University.

With a Flexible Master you have the possibility to tailor your education specifically to your needs and enroll on modules of your choice at DPU or at any other university -  where maximum 2 out of your 4 modules could be LAICS modules.

Learn more about flexible master at DPU here (in Danish).