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Module 1

Creating Innovative Organisations

In this module of the LAICS Programme our focus is on innovation processes, innovation models, creativity and on navigating effectively in organisations. We will be looking at the internal and external innovation processes, how they can be enriched, challenged and made to work for you instead of against you. We examine different ways of mapping innovation in order to understand that theories and models influence how we work with innovation, and we experience idea generation and creativity through two paradigms. How do you make navigations possible, and how to make them push the creativity of the people into the unknown where innovation begins.Finally, we map and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of political power structures and networks in organisations and identify how to approach these as opportunities instead of as obstacles.


This module introduces theories and models for understanding the innovation process in organisations. The module provides an overview of the theories, methods and techniques to understand creativity and idea generation, and it is aimed to advance innovation through effective navigation in complex organisational contexts. 


Upon completion of Module 1, the participant will be able to:

  • demonstrate ability to apply theories and models from the module in the analysis of empirical issues using own examples or cases.
  • understand innovation as group process and interaction, and influenced by networks and politics.
  • plan creativity sessions in groups and organisations.


  • Theories and key concepts: creativity, innovation and innovation process.
  • Innovation processes and innovation models in organisations. 
  • Problem formulation and problem reframing.
  • Techniques and methods for idea generation.
  • Organisational politics and creating space for innovation.
  • Networks and networking in theory and practice.

Lotte Darsø  (M1 leader)
John Bessant
Silje Kamille Friis
Morten Thanning Vendelø
Annemette Kjærgaard

Piers Ibbotson
Miha Pogacnik

The module content, format and dates may be subject to change.

Dates & locations (provisional)

Autumn 2019

SEMINAR 1: Innovation Processes
4-7 September, Zealand (Denmark)

SEMINAR 2: Creativity and Ideation
30 Sept-3 October, Bled (Slovenia)

SEMINAR 3: Creating Space for Innovation
13-16 November, Zealand (Denmark)


*Module 1 is only offered during Autumn semester.