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"The collaboration between CBS and DPU/AU and their different approaches to creativity, business, and innovation - combined with the diverse backgrounds of the participants who come from both the public and private sector - has been invaluable to my learning journey on the LAICS Master. The diversity of the teaching methods and learning styles has made me learn the most. I can only recommend the LAICS Master to others and when I say that I use it on a daily basis at my work it is not just a saying, it is a fact!"

Dorthe-Pia Ravnsbæk, LAICS Alumnus 2011

"The LAICS Master education has a sociological/anthropological approach to the topics of leadership and innovation which filled a gap in my knowledge that I think would have been difficult to obtain elsewhere. Having worked in a large multinational organization for many years, I believe that I had a good background for understanding the theoretical and practical context, and I think that the largest benefit that I can point to is that the LAICS Master has given me a language to express the observations and understanding that I bring with me from my daily work. It more than lived up to my expectations!"

 Lars Simonsen, LAICS Alumnus 2012

"At the LAICS Master I have learned that the real competitive edge is to inspire and involve people. I now believe that innovation is a collective process rather than an individual achievement. The other participants on the LAICS course really inspired me and from them I have learned how much inclusion and diversity has to offer. I also learned how to navigate and understand the complexity of innovation - when you need to control, navigate and explore in order to move on and maybe go back. It gives a high level of certainty to know what uncertainty is!"

Morten Skovvang, LAICS Alumnus 2013

"The LAICS Master is designed out of the philosophy that human relations are fundamental for innovation, learning and leadership. The teaching approach is unique in that learning is associated with play and joy with a focus on human development. I have learned how to make things happen in my organization. And I have acquired a theoretical and conceptual platform and language which enables me to speak with authority about my daily work."

Peter Dexter, LAICS Alumnus 2011









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