About Clearinghouse

What is evidence?

The Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research provides an overview of the best currently available knowledge regarding good evidence-informed educational practice and disseminates this knowledge to educational practitioners and policymakers.

This site provides information on the products offered by Clearinghouse and the methodology used by Clearinghouse in conducting systematic reviews and systematic research mappings.

Over the past 15 years, countries all over the world have created institutions whose job is to generate evidence-based knowledge of education. The Danish Clearinghouse was established in 2006, and was the first initiative of its kind in continental Europe.



Videos on evidence and systematic reviews


Watch Professor David Gough's and Dr Ben Goldacre’s introductions to working with evidence-informed practice and systematic reviews.

Five myths about evidence

  • Evidence is based solely on quantitative analysis of randomised controlled trials (RCTs)
  • Evidence only concerns effects
  • Evidence means definitive and certain knowledge
  • Evidence can be used as a recipe for good practice
  • Evidence was invented by politicians in order to govern practice

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