An international comparison of pupil performances in mathematics and science.


TIMSS (the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) is an international comparison of pupil performances in mathematics and science. Fourth-grade Danish pupils are involved in TIMSS. 

The TIMSS studies, which are carried out once every four years, are planned and managed by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA).

Denmark has previously taken part in TIMSS in 1995, 2007 and 2011. The IEA is an organisation of research institutions, and the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University is a member.

TIMSS 2015

In Denmark, TIMSS 2015 concentrates on fourth-grade pupils. The pupils in this grade are evaluated in terms of their school lives. At this critical age their reading skills should be so good that demands can be made regarding their understanding of mathematics and science. An understanding that may have a vital impact on their subsequent interests and skills. Approximately 250 schools in Denmark were invited to participate in TIMSS 2015.

TIMSS 2011

The results of the previous TIMSS study from 2011 were published at 10 am on Tuesday 11 December 2012. Approximately 4,000 Danish pupils from the fourth grade at 216 representative schools across the country participated. Denmark participated in TIMSS in 2007 and 2011.

TIMSS 2007

The results of the TIMSS study from 2007 were published in 2008.