Future Technology, Culture and Learning

  • Interdisciplinary research focusing upon research at the convergence of emerging technology and cultural learning processes.


Work. Labour. Activity. Mini-seminar

2017.03.31 FTCL diskuterer Hannah Arendts distinktion mellem Work - Labour - Activity ift. robotters ventede i

People and Things in Context

2017.02.24Open Online Course by Jamie Wallace

Recent books

Rapporten Robotter i Folkeskolen offentliggøres i dag

2016.11.14 I forbindelse med udgivelsen afholdes også mini-konferencen Robott

An Anthropology of Learning

2015.01.28By Cathrine Hasse. Published by Springer

About the programme

Our research is empirical and primarily qualitative. Through ethnographic studies we investigate the use and design of technologies in situated contexts in various aspects of professional life.

Focus is on emerging technology and cultural learning processes: How do technologies become culturally imagined, adopted, materialised as artefacts and embedded in individual and shared activities?

Research themes

REELER - H2020 project

Aarhus is coordinating the new H2020 project, REELER, running from 2017-2019

The REELER project aims at aligning the roboticists’ visions of a future with robots with empirically-based knowledge of human needs and societal concerns. Based on extensive robotics/SSH-RRI collaboration, REELER will offer proactive steps towards ethical and responsible robots by suggesting radical changes in current robot design procedures.
REELER will formulate guidelines in the REELER Roadmap for distributed responsibility among roboticists, users/affected stakeholders and policy-makers by closing the current gap between these. At the core of these guidelines is the concept of collaborative learning which permeates all aspects of REELER and will guide future SSH-ICT research.

Aarhus University, DPU, DK - Cathrine Hasse, Coordinator
Ab.Acus, Italy, robotics SME - Maria Bulgheroni
De Monfort University, UK - Kathleen Richardson
Hohenheim University, GE, - Andreas Pyka




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