Rearticulating The Formation of Motivation (ReForM)

  • At the intersections of pedagogical leadership, standards and feelings

About the programme

The ReForM programme researches motivational work. This work involves creating, maintaining and developing motivation so people do things simply because they want to do them. Motivational work involves both leadership and pedagogics. Traditionally, motivation has been understood psychologically as something which is ‘internal’.

We regard motivation as a subject that can be studied as a feature of motivational work. We view the many experiments conducted on motivation within practical leadership and pedagogics as ways to create and form motivation. We examine and re-articulate motivational work from historical and contemporary, national and international perspectives within the school sector, social work, health promotion, the Prison and Probation Service and other institutions. Articulating motivational work and its subject-matter using theoretical concepts enables us to challenge and develop both the theory and practice of the field.


Morten Nissen

Professor with Special Responsibilities
H bldg. B, 354
P +4530282418

Hanne Knudsen

Associate professor