Philosophy of Education

About the research unit

The research unit investigates some inter-related areas in philosophy of education:

  1. Knowledge and learning: The relations between experience, language, reason and judgment. Epistemological and metaphysical conceptions and their importance for teaching, studying and learning.
  2. Formation, politics and religion: Political philosophy and norms in relation to formation (Bildung), democracy, citizenship and cosmopolitanism. Philosophy of religion, aesthetics and ethics.
  3. History of ideas: The relations between the history of philosophy and the history of educational ideas.
  4. Contemporary trends: Development of fields of knowledge and academic literacy.

These areas are explored critically from a variety of traditions mainly representing philosophical analysis, dialectics, critical theory, social analytical perspectives, "allgemeine Pädagogik", phenomenology and historical inquiry.


NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Frandsen, Henrik VaseAssociate, 114a
Frølund, SuneAssociate, 116a
Huggler, JørgenAssociate, 114b
Jensen, Hans, 105a
Kemp, PeterProfessor, 201
Korsgaard, OveProfessor, 201
Nagbøl, Søren PeterAssociate, 317
Nielsen, Carsten FoghResearch, 520
Olsen, Anne-Marie EggertAssociate, 116b
Rømer, Thomas AastrupAssociate, 546
Schmidt,, 419
Sørensen, AsgerAssociate, 118a
Wiberg, MereteAssociate, 519
Winther-Jensen, ThygeProfessor, 201