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08.03.2019 | CHEF

CHEF debating (de-)internationalisation of Danish universities

On February 6th, 2019, CHEF hosted a seminar and debate on the state of internationalisation at Danish universities. Speakers were Director of CHEF professor Susan Wright and CHEF core member associate professor Hanne Adriansen, both DPU. The seminar debate was hosted at DPU, Aarhus University, Campus Emdrup, and video-linked to CUDiM, Campus…

28.08.2018 | CHEF

CHEF steering group involved in new international association

CHEF steering group members Søren S. E. Bengtsen, Sarah Robinson, Laura Louise Sarauw, and Rikke Toft Nørgård are involved in the formation of the new independent international academic association Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES).


fre 24 maj
12:00-13:00 | DPU, Campus Emdrup, room B302. Video-link to CUDiM, building 1483, room 656
Between Funds and Norms: Performance-based Research Funding and the Shifting Logics of University Autonomy
CHEF Lunch Talk by Dr Peter Woelert, Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia.
tir 11 jun
12:00-13:00 | DPU Campus Aarhus, building 1483, room (to be announced). Video-link to DPU, Campus Emdrup, room (to be announced)
Rethinking doctoral supervision (again): Mobilising new practices and affects
CHEF Lunch Talk by Associate Professor, Dr Barbara M. Grant, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
ons 12 jun
12:00-14:00 | CUDiM, building 1483, room 454. Video-link to DPU, Campus Emdrup, room D118
Resistance, dwelling, and the common good in the future university
CHEF Seminar. Speakers: Associate Professor, Dr Barbara M. Grant, University of Auckland, New Zealand and Assistant Professor, Dr Krystian Szadkowski, University of Poznan, Poland.