CHEF project receives funding

CHEF centre leader Susan Wright has, along with Lise Degn, Jakob W. Ørberg and Laura Louise Sarauw, been awarded a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education) to investigate research integrity in the Danish research system. The grant is a part of a special initiative, which aims at shedding light on research integrity in the Danish research system.

The aims of the project are to investigate how codes of integrity have entered the Danish higher education system and how they are being integrated into academic practice. The project is based on the assumption that a code of integrity needs to be translated into management systems, and even more than that, integrated into scientists’ daily practices if it is to be effective. In particular, it is probably the next cohort of early stage researchers that is most subject to contrary incentives and pressures to cut corners and it is therefore crucial that they should learn how to conduct themselves according to the principles of integrity and ethics if these codes are to have long term effects. The project traces the code of integrity from its policy conception, through its institutionalization in management practices and into doctoral training programmes in natural sciences, health sciences and humanities. It culminates in a longitudinal study of whether and how a selection of students from these courses reflect on issues of integrity in the development of their academic practice.

The awarded amount for the project, called ’Practicing integrity’, is 2.475.897 kr., and the project is to be carried out in 2017-2019.