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School of Education Experimental Research unit (SEER)

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The cross-disciplinary SEER unit works to develop, support and execute excellent experimental research in the fields surrounding education, learning and human development.

Anchored at the School of Education’s psychology programme, SEER brings together researchers from Aarhus University with backgrounds including pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, ethnography, linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience, media research, statistics, lab-and field methods from a number of countries.

SEER utilizes a range of methodologies according to their strengths, and continually  strives to develop and discuss variations of the experimental formula, including

  • Lab experiments
  • Field and quasi-experimental designs
  • Controlled evaluation
  • Biological, behavioral and cognitive measurements
  • Theory and philosophy of science
  • Mixed methods-approaches to experimental research

SEER is a localized hub for networking and ideas, aiming to develop collaborations around experimental research projects, as well as to advance skills and theoretical knowledge in the group’s members - from established and early career researchers to graduate students.

Outside of project meetings, there are 3-4 SEER seminars per year.

SEER is a collaboration with Aarhus University’s Danish School of Education,  Interacting Minds Center (IMC) and Cognition and Behavior Lab (COBElab)

SEER supports open science at Aarhus University, including ethical diligence, open data, preregistration and registered reports.


Navn Jobtitel E-mail Telefon Bygning
Andersen, Ida Gran Adjunkt idagran@edu.au.dk +4587162798 1483, 418
Berthelsen, Ulf Dalvad Lektor ulda@edu.au.dk +4593508165 1483, 543
Bjerre, Jørn Lektor jbje@edu.au.dk +4587162691 1483, 548
Bundsgaard, Jeppe Professor MSO jebu@edu.au.dk +4531192607 B, 310
Dohn, Niels Bonderup Lektor dohn@edu.au.dk +4587163716 1483, 544
Helding Vembye, Mikkel Ph.d.-stipendiat mihv@edu.au.dk +4593508990 1483, 420
Hornsgaard, Martin Kjær Ph.d.-stipendiat makh@edu.au.dk 1483, 432
Kjeldsen, Christian Christrup Viceinstitutleder for forskning kjeldsen@edu.au.dk +4587162758 1483, 417
Nørby, Simon Lektor sno@edu.au.dk +4587163645 D, 344
Reimer, David Professor MSO dare@edu.au.dk +4587163935 1483, 425
Schulz, Savhannah Ph.d.-studerende savhannah@cas.au.dk
Weiss, Felix Adjunkt fewe@edu.au.dk +4593508920 1483, 424